​​​​​​Thacker & Friends

​​Strategic Development
It is critical that organizations have clear, concise strategies for both their short and long-term planning. These are essential tools to ensure good decision-making, building consensus with stakeholders, and securing financial support. We can help you design and execute a targeted, integrated development program, attracting and nurturing corporate relationships and securing community support.

Collections Management
Many museums have little or no collections management program or policies. This can be potentially disastrous should a disaster, such as a fire, flood or giant sinkhole, occur. In addition, artifact theft is a growing threat to museums large and small, making collections management even more crucial to the wellbeing of all institutions. 

Exhibit Design and Content Creation
A static diorama or exhibit is just what it says: static. In today’s interactive world that’s not going to get attention and attract visitors, especially from younger audiences. If you don’t know quite where you are or what story you’re trying to tell, our team of experts has many years of ideation experience.  We have broad understanding in the development of intriguing, engaging, state-of-the-art displays and exhibits.

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Membership and Volunteers
Strong membership and volunteer programs provide not only revenue, they create invaluable ambassadors for your institution. We can provide guidance in creating robust programs that build a solid foundation of support.

Few museum consultants are as experienced as we are in the development of simulator rides that can enhance the visitor experience and generate revenue. Although we specialize in automotive-type simulators, new affordable virtual reality technology is revolutionizing experiential possibilities. 

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​Tony and the late Wally Parks, founder of the NHRA.

Credit: hotrod.com

Motivational Speaking

There is an obvious need for public speakers that relate to and are experienced in the automotive industry. We have therefore corralled a few friends who have something important to say and who can say it in a succinct and entertaining way. One such is renowned educator Peter Stevens, Chief Designer of the McLaren F1.

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Brand Enhancement and Public Relations
Your brand is your public face and personality.  Crafting and sustaining an engaging, top-of-mind image is critical to maintaining ongoing political, financial, and public support. We’ve helped Fortune 500 companies, cultural institutions and enthusiast events with their brands, and we can help you.

​​Publications and Copy Writing

We have extensive experience writing everything from sponsorship proposals, news releases, museum guides, membership manuals, brochures and catalogs, to magazine articles and books. We can provide written materials in English and Chinese. 

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Graphic Design & Photography

Graphic design is another of our strengths.

Our in-house, award winning, lead bilingual (English/Chinese) designer has many years of experience designing everything from gardens

to books and even web sites. We can help

you create an integrated, consistent, brand-enhancing design across all your company’s materials—from digital banner ads, print advertisements, flyers, brochures, catalogs, publications to books. We even do photo retouching.

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Merchandise and Store Development
Thacker & Friends have been involved with the design and development of numerous permanent and pop-up gift shops, and the creation of high-volume merchandise.  We can help you in selecting merchandise and with the design, development and delivery of attractive, desirable apparel.

Licensing is an ever-increasing issue and our collective includes professional licensing personnel well versed in all aspects of licensing, including: images, film, and music. Assistance available in English and Spanish.

Event planning and execution
Our team has been inventing, designing, developing and executing events for more than 30 years. We’ve helped institutions and world-renowned events plan and execute events for as little as ten people and as many as a thousand. We create memorable programs that are executed on-time and on-budget.

Translation Services

We have designers who speak Mandarin and Spanish, and write Chinese and Spanish. 

We're a collective of communication and marketing professionals who have decades of experience helping institutions and businesses craft strategies to improve profitability, enhance their sustainability, ​grow their corporate sponsorship and financial support, increase attendance, ​​build membership, and burnish their brand.