Clive and Jimmy at Jimmy's shop.

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Feb. 5, 2016

​It's been a busy year so far as we have been working with my old racing partner Jimmy Shine on a project '64 Olds Jetstar 1 that will benefit our wounded service men and women. You can read more about that here:

We have also been working with another old friend Clive Prew at Stromberg. Clive has developed a new BIG97 carb that flows 250 cfm compared to the original's 165-ish. He also previewed a new crab-style distributor for the flathead Ford V-8 at the recent Grand National Roadster Show. The reception from flathead owners was great since the Mallory distributor is not currently available.

Finally, we have signed on to be a committee member at the Alex Xydias Center for Automotive Arts (AXC). This is a great organization that helps young people realize a career in the automotive industries. You can learn more about AXC here:

Oct. , 2015

I just returned from Portland, Oregon, where I spoke to a group of designers in The Blue Studio at the Nike campus. The topic was Speed: A Personal Journey. I took them through a brief history of land speed racing interwoven with my own experiences with the Thacker & Shine Roadster as well as various projects for MG Rover, GM, BAR Honda and others. It was good fun and we hope to return and discuss other design-related topics.

Previously, on Thursday, Oct. 8, I moderated a discussion for Peak Performance: Data, Design and Driving the Future. We had a great evening with a fun panel that included Keith Maher, Maher Solutions, racing driver Nick McMillen, Daimler Trucks engineer Matt Markstaller who also engineered the Triumph Rocket land speed motorcycle, and former Chrysler designer Aaron Pizzuti now with Under Armour.

We debated the effects of modern technology on our relationship with the automobile and it generated some animated discussion as we contemplated the shift to robotic automobiles.

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